Wordless Wednesday: Snow Camouflage

When the Favorite Kid was a toddler, I’d dress him in bright primary colors when we’d visit amusement parks and such. My New Mom Theory was based on the simple idea that the kid would be easy to spot if he toddled too far from my watchful eye. And should a helium balloon happen its way to us, he’d also get the awesomeness of his very own balloon tied to his wrist. Again, the thought was that a bobbing object in one’s peripheral vision is harder to lose in a crowd. 

What? Is that weird or something? Nudging towards the dark precipice of paranoia perhaps? Well, I stand by this choice. I do.  Because I never lost the kid even once. Ok, there was that one time, but he was fourteen and we were at the mall. And I get the feeling he was trying to ditch me anyway, but that might just be the paranoia talking.

I was reminded of this after the recent snowfall here in Ohio.  The polar bear pup was just blending into the snowy backdrop a little too much for our photo shoot outside. The monochrome photos my camera was spitting out were simply, well, bland.

Red bow to the rescue! Kind of.  I didn’t know it, but apparently the thing held some sort of superpower that makes puppies hyperactive.  As soon as I connected the velcro straps, she was BAM! out of the starting gate.  Running around with reckless abandon like a puppy in her first big snow.

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3 replies

  1. Woof! Woof! Fresh SNOW is the best. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar


  2. I LOVE the addition of the red bow! It just “pops” right outta the photo!


  3. You're not crazy. It's a great technique, for kids or dogs. For luggage, too. We tie bright bandannas on out luggage handles when we fly.


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