Wordless Wednesday: The devil you say

At seven months old, Holly’s growth is more mental than physical at this point.

I may be handy with the camera, but it’s a challenge to capture the essence of her gray matter maturing as it is. So now would be a good time to adjust the weekly Holly photos to a once-a-month kinda schedule.

And speaking of the Canon, I should have put that word handy in air quotes.

What is the number one rule of photographers? What? I don’t know. I was hoping you did. Anyway, one of the big rules is … watch your background.

Don’t wait until you’ve uploaded your photos on the laptop before you notice there’s a pumpkin stem growing from your puppy’s head. Or that rogue propane tank that’s messing with the mood of your fall scene.

Propane tanks are so summer.

And wait, what on dog’s green earth is that in the window?  Son of a … that’s Cap’n Windy. How did she get on the porch when I had her decorating the living room in her Halloween getup.

Not everybody in this house [coff husband coff]appreciates the company of Cap’n Windy, I guess. Well, no matter. I brought her back in where she can be enjoyed by all.

What is this thing?

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2 replies

  1. Haha – thank you for the morning laugh! I wouldn't have noticed any of that (okay, I did wonder what was in the window) if you hadn't pointed it all out!

    Monty and Harlow


  2. I admit, it messed with me when I was looking at the photos after I downloaded them. Huh, I thought, that looks like devil horns in the window. Weird.

    Thanks for dropping a note to let me know you enjoyed this. Happy Halloween to y'all.


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