Dogs of Sword House

Get lucky

Pucker up, y’all. Mick O’FeedMe, formerly the mighty Micron, wants you to know that a kiss from his golden lips will bring you certain good luck. Never mind that pot o’gold at the end of rainbow. We have a treasure… Read More ›

Head in the cloud

The Jagerhund tends to take life seriously. Except when he doesn’t, which usually when there’s a tennis ball involved. But even then, he has a rather grounded persona. We’d never call him a dreamer. Not the kind of guy with… Read More ›

Dogs don’t lie

“Hey, Mike,” says Holly. “We’re friends, right?” “Sure, I guess,” says Micron. “Why?” “Because you wouldn’t lie to me, would you?”says Holly. “I mean, I could count on you to tell me something straight up and not kibble coat the… Read More ›