National Puppy Day 2016

On this annual celebration of National Puppy Day, here at Sword House we find ourselves in a rather unfortunate situation of being “between puppies.” Sure, I have three dogs dropping their spring coats throughout my home, leaving me to wonder… Read More ›

National Puppy Day

In recognition of National Puppy Day, we offer up a collage of the five little biscuit eaters that have christened our carpet since we started volunteer puppy raising in 2008. Who recognizes, and can name off, those black boop buttons?

Here we go … again

Put on your thinking cat for a math test. Wait, no. It’s more like a memory question. Gads, which is harder – figuring out a math problem or trying to remember where you left your favorite comfy shoes? But no… Read More ›

Piece of my heart

Pin this How old was the puppy when you got him? asked the young man. Yaxley was eight weeks old when he arrived from California, answered The Husband. Yes? Next question? What are you training him to do? asks another… Read More ›