Euka II

National Puppy Day 2016

On this annual celebration of National Puppy Day, here at Sword House we find ourselves in a rather unfortunate situation of being “between puppies.” Sure, I have three dogs dropping their spring coats throughout my home, leaving me to wonder… Read More ›

Role model

Hol-Lee! I call. Here! Time to go inside! I say, as if she can connect these words with an actual command. C’mon, we have to get to work, kid. Here! I repeat. Because I’m hopeful like that. Darn it, puppy…. Read More ›

Here we go … again

Put on your thinking cat for a math test. Wait, no. It’s more like a memory question. Gads, which is harder – figuring out a math problem or trying to remember where you left your favorite comfy shoes? But no… Read More ›

Six Month Interview

It was on this day, two years ago, that the world welcomed eight new yellow packages of puppy goodness. And our hearts melted at the sight of them. Remember this? We spent the next eight weeks watching them on the… Read More ›