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Healing by rescue

Introducing Saxon SwordPossibly the most epic dog name ever. My mom and I tend to roll towards similar tastes, as many mother and daughter combos do. We agree on lifestyle choices like the preference of spending a quiet afternoon with… Read More ›

Dealing with loss

Elsa I know, I know. Things have been rather quiet around here on the dog blog. Nuthin’ but the song of crickets over the past week. But you see, we’ve had a loss. Unexpected and sudden as these things tend… Read More ›

Piece of my heart

Pin this How old was the puppy when you got him? asked the young man. Yaxley was eight weeks old when he arrived from California, answered The Husband. Yes? Next question? What are you training him to do? asks another… Read More ›

The Grench

How the Grench stole Halloween It had started with the snowfall.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but that short-lived Ohio weather anomaly we experienced in mid-October was a harbinger of doom.  Of fearsome events yet to come. The… Read More ›