Halloween Pun

“Hey, Holly,” says Mr. Bones. “Do you know why I can’t go the Halloween party tonight?” “What? No, why?” says Holly. “Because I have [snort] no body to go with,” says Mr. Bones. “I don’t get it,” says Holly. “What… Read More ›

Loving Autumn

Do you love autumn as much as I do? Refusing to start the furnace just yet in these cooler temps, we did start up the fireplace in the evening. Even without the wood smoke, the air even smells different this… Read More ›

Ghosts like toast

I would have thought the dogs would alert To another presence in which to flirtNothing but silence as I left the roomNo portent of dismay, nor omen of doomAll was right with my breakfast upon the deskA simple warm up… Read More ›