Wordless Wednesday

Head in the cloud

The Jagerhund tends to take life seriously. Except when he doesn’t, which usually when there’s a tennis ball involved. But even then, he has a rather grounded persona. We’d never call him a dreamer. Not the kind of guy with… Read More ›

Blossoming beauty

The windows are open, allowing entry of the lavender’s perfume from the south garden bed. If you can get past the shoe-sucking mud season, it’s actually possible to enjoy the change of wind that brings Ohio springtime. And as our… Read More ›

Wordless Wednesday: Dino trouble

What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night. Ooh, says Holly.¬†Avenues of naughtiness I’ve not yet traveled. Five more minutes, please, she asks. I’m doing some research. So let’s see … toilet paper, glue gun, ceiling fan …Brilliant!Hey, Food Lady! Do we… Read More ›