Garden Salsa

Do you know why I pulled you over? asked the Dayton City cop. The Husband doesn’t respond at first to those least favorite eight words of the wayfarer. He’s focused on going through the preliminaries of getting out his license…. Read More ›

May the Fourth

Micron Solo, Jabba and Princess Euka. I can’t find my tomato stakes, my lamentation for this sunny May afternoon. Then what’s that you’re using? asks My Favorite Kid. Bamboo kebab skewer thingies I found in the kitchen junk drawer, I say…. Read More ›

The ears have it

Mini Micron.Pre-photo session.  Hey Micron! says Euka. You big goldengoober! Lookit! Look at what, Puppy Piddler? asks Micron, annoyed. He doesn’t look up from chewing a stick. It’s a good stick. Fresh from the mulch pile. ‘Member the time you… Read More ›