A California Blonde in Ohio

Micron: Ow-ow-ow! Holy dog! Really? Ow!

Euka II:  Rawr! nom nom nom

And it begins.

We had started off our Saturday in the usual quiet, routine driven manner as we’d become accustomed. But with the full awareness that this was one to be savored.  In a few hours we were going to toss some drama into daily mix. On purpose and everything. The little polar bear pup, Euka II, was due to arrive.

After picking Euka up at the Dayton airport and giving her a short tour of our homey little burg, we introduce her to her new digs. Can you handle the steps to the kitchen, you precious little package? we fret. Concerned, we carry her into the kitchen and set her gently down upon the retriever-colored tiled floor.

And like a little furry cyclone, she changed the dynamics of our homestead in a matter of mere seconds.

Dang, says Euka. This place is boring.  Rocking your world in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .


While Micron and Jager play out the clingy love scene of “you love me best, right?” I’ve got one hand busy assuring my undying love for a forever dog and the other attempting to disengage shark teeth from a soft canine body part.

That striped kitty tail has become an instant favorite
for puppy teeth. Not sure what the husband is
about with his hand, but it appears to be a countdown.

The cat strolls up from the basement to see what the ruckus is about, because if there’s to be drama in this house, it is his to own.

You’ve got to be [expletive deleted] kidding me, says Bodine, Sovereign Ruler of Sword House, as he faces off the polar bear. What the heck were you guys thinking? I didn’t approve this.

Bodine is swift in asserting his power over this new little serf of his kingdom, but it is met unheeded. The cat finds it hard to maintain dignity, and that swaggy saunter, with the puppy nose vigilant in checking out where the feline nads of steel used to be. Bodine decides to move to a chair to continue his quiet displeasure on this turn of events.

I have the leash and so I now hold all the Power, says Bodine.  
You are mine to rule.  
Rawr!, says Euka. Gotcher tail!

But even an eight week old puppy can’t keep up this level of energy forever. Long after the rest of us have decided to call it a day well done, Euka finally starts to slow down. I just need to catch my breath for a minute, she says. Ha ha, just kidding. Rawr!

But yeah, she does shut down. In a slumber so deep that can only mean a full battery recharge. As we move in and out of the kitchen, not a blink or twitch out of her. She’s out.

Oh, but we’ve been through this puppy thing before. We know her batteries charge faster than ours. We use the quiet time to recover, get some things done, grab some dinner.

And just in time too.  Cuz she’s up again. 

Hey ya sweetie, we say. Glad you’re here, Euka. We needed some drama around this place, we did.


Sleep, puppy. Sweet dreams, little polar bear.

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13 replies

  1. So excited for you! She's just precious.


  2. Yaaay!! Puppy Time!! Can't wait to keep reading and watching her grow. =)


  3. Nothing like a green-eared pup! Euka has the sweetest face! 🙂


  4. Love her little face. Can't wait to watch her grow!


  5. Oh my word. She's so stinkin' cute!


  6. Congratulations! Hope you're having fun with your little drama queen.


  7. I used to work with a guy who would lament about all the wacky things his completely unhinged girlfriend did. He'd sigh and say, oh well, she brings passion to the relationship. I'd smile and think to myself, right. One man's passion is another person's Drama Queen, lol.

    So, here I am, passionate about CCI. And yeah, perhaps slightly unhinged as well. And our little Drama Queen is bringing her own brand of excitement along with her.

    And I'm loving the ride.


  8. Thanks Leigh Anne! I'm so jazzed to finally have her here. We've got some long awaited cuddling to do first, then we'll get training started.


  9. This is my very favorite age for dogs. While some folk cringe at house breaking and bad chewing habits, I see that stuff as background noise. It's all about the newness of life, the happy go lucky nature and watching as the puppy discovers and learns. I love this time!


  10. That sweet face is helping her to get away with some naughtiness too. That cute isn't going to last forever, I tell Euka. Micron huffs and says, yes it does.


  11. We caught Euka slipping between the bars on the baby gate at the office last week. Which frustrated me until somebody said, she won't be able to do that next week.

    True that. We can see the change in her each day. Every morning, there's more puppy walking out of the dog crate.


  12. Thanks Flea! I'm really liking this lighter colored coat of hers, too. She's going to be a pretty girl, I think.


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