Wordless Wednesday: I don’t always . . .

Stay vengeful my friends, says Bodine.

I’ve been seeing a handful of Internet memes lately with The Most Interesting Man in the World. “I don’t always [something],” says TMIMITW, “but when I do I [something snort-worthy or rather naughty].”

So we made you a Bodine meme. Enjoy.

Bodine did.

And here’s the PG-13 version.  Scroll down only if you’re not offended by strong language. By strong language, I mean that word we say when we spill coffee on our ourselves or drop our car keys in a puddle. Or when the cat knocks a pile of books off the dining room table.

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14 replies

  1. In our house, we used to have a Sheltie that was the tattletale. Now everyone knows it is always Chloe Jo who “did it”.


  2. That's perfect. Cats are devious little creatures.


  3. Bwa ha ha! I guess it's easy to get away with things when you're so cute. 🙂


  4. Smart, smart cat! Hugs & belly rubs!


  5. Ha ha! I usually blame everything on Abbi. Happy Wednesday, purrs from Ateret.


  6. Oh, we know it was the cat. It's always the cat. Except when it's Jager caught in the act of standing on the dining room table, withers deep into a bag of potato chips. Otherwise, Bodine lives as a reminder that I shouldn't leave piles of paperwork just sitting around.
    Poor Chloe Jo having to shoulder the blame. Maybe she needs a partner in crime?


  7. Spoken like a dog who's been on the receiving end of feline evilness. The thing is, Bodine is not offended by the meme. I showed him the photo and he's all [bleep] yeah, that's right!


  8. Sure, that and the sad fact that there's absolutely nothing we can do about it. The cat is who he is. And he is the benevolent ruler of Sword House.
    If I complain about litterbox feet on the kitchen counter, well, Chickaroo, says Bodine, you could always move out.
    Thanks for stopping by the humble dog blog today, Pamela. We're always glad to hear from you.


  9. Hi Jessica! Thanks for coming by the dog blog on this fine WW. Glad you enjoyed our [obnoxious] cat.


  10. Intelligence and confidence, the hallmarks of leadership. Use your powers for good, Bodine, I beg him.
    And that belly rub thing. He's like a bear trap. Rolling around like he wants a belly rub, so you reach out a hand and SNAP! Barbed wire attack. The sad thing is, that I keep falling for it.
    What to do when the cat is more clever than I am?


  11. Happy WW to you, Ledfoots! Thanks for stopping by the dog blog today.


  12. And a happy Wednesday to you guys as well. Woofs and purrs to you. Jager sends a grr but he's just grumpy today so don't pay any attention to him. Nobody takes him serious around here. Just ask him.


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