Wordless Wednesday: Why I don’t always fill the water bowl

Whu. . . ? No, [yawn] I’m not napping, says Euka. Hey,
while you’re up, the water bowl needs filling.
Jager, in his valiant quest for a sip of water sans the retriever backwash, has repeatedly requested his own water bowl.  And it’s not like I’m totally ignoring this worthy life goal, but really more that I’m just too lazy to mess with a personalized trough for each dog.
Because sure nuff, as soon as I shlosh down three water bowls, they will all decide to drink out of the same one anyway. It’s clinically proven, kind of.  Because this is exactly what happens with the dog beds.

If they’re gonna fuss over the same bed / tennis ball / water bowl / cat, then why have more than one hanging around to trip over?

Food Lady?  Maybe turn up
the heat a little?

So that answers that. The challenge this presents, of course, is keeping up with the continual hydration demand of three active canines. Which means that occasionally someone will happen by just to find the water bowl, well, bone dry.

But being the kind of girl that can make lemonade out of an empty water bowl, Euka takes it all in stride.  If the thing isn’t holding water, then perhaps it could simply support her weary head while she naps.

I wuvs my water bowl, says two month old Euka II. zzzzzz[snert]
The photo at top is Euka now at seven months, gently resting her noggin for a cat nap. And the one at left is just before her three month birthday.


Be sure to check out . . .

Going all out Diva style to help us choose some bling for our lovely girl. Euka has been around me long enough to know not to trust my fashion sense. She’s counting on you for this one.
We’re tallying up the suggestions and will announce the popular choice on April 21, 2013.


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10 replies

  1. The water bowl pillow is killing me. So funny! We use one of the jug ones and that tends to last a while. Toys are like that in our house… we have two of most of them, but even still they always want that same one. Murphy's law, right? Happy WW!


  2. Efficiency expert. Drink and nap at the same time. I'm gonna try that!


  3. Donna!They are all precious!


  4. That's so funny and practical Euka. A pillow at the same time a water bowl.
    A good package deal.


  5. Oh how sweet! I try to keep the water bowl full, but the dogs are just going to drink out of the toilet anyway …


  6. I've seen those jug style water bowls and considered if might be worth the extra bucks. I wonder though … would my retrievers have an Off button and know when to stop drinking? I picture them walking through the house with sloshing bellies.


  7. She's a clever girl, our Euka. Thanks for stopping by on WW, SlimDoggy!


  8. Thanks, they do keep me entertained around here. Well, these three and the sociopathic cat.


  9. I thought it might be a combo deal with that cozy corner of the kitchen too. We have the same style water bowl at the office and she doesn't rest her weary noggin in that one. So one time when she had her head in it, I moved it away a few inches to see what she'd do. Euka scootched over so she could reach it again. Huh.


  10. The bottomless water bowl that is. Around here we keep the bathroom doors closed. Not specifically because of the lap-lap-lap sounds that make me cringe a little. But Micron has another discriminating taste for used tissues. Ugh.


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