Wordless Wednesday: Cat Chatter

The cat is chattering at the birds outside.

Hey, batta batta, chatters Bodine.  Sa-wing batta!

Or something like that.

Ok, I guess it’s more like the ah-ah-ah-ah of a feline tommy gun. Get it? Tommy gun? Tom cat? hahahhaha.

Oh nevermind.

But you understand what I’m on about, right?  I mean, if you’ve ever heard an inside cat talking smack to the song birds outside the window, you know they do emit some kind of chattery clicking sound.

And I wonder how persuasive such chatter would be in the wilds of the backyard.

Cat: Hey. You.
Sparrow:  [looks around] Who me?
Cat: Yeah, you buddy. C’mon over here. I wanna talk wif you for a minnit.
Sparrow: Oh, I don’t think I’m supposed to talk to you. Ma said not to listen to, well, you know.  Cats like you.
Cat: I’m gonna pretend that doesn’t hurt me right here. [taps a paw to his chest]. Naw, it’s ok. I got an extra daddy long-legs, see, and it’s too much for me to eat. Come closer and I’ll show it to you.
Sparrow: You do? That’s so nice of you. Is it really fresh? Cuz I like ’em to still be squirmy a little. Yeah? Well, ok …

Bodine!, I yell. Leave that nice little bird alone and come in the kitchen. It’s time for your meds.

Oh for … , says Bodine.  Food Lady, you’re blowing my street cred here. 

He gives one last, long look at the tiny bird before jumping down from the windowsill.

Tomorrow, says Bodine.




 Just a note that Bodine is a one hunnerd percent indoor cat. It’s for his protection, of course.

And for the preservation of the song bird population in our neighborhood. Doing our part to extend those avian lifespans.

Wish the neighbors held the same philosophy.

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12 replies

  1. Beautiful photo!

    Happy WW 🙂

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie


  2. A photo tells a thousand words…I can just hear the 'chatter'…


  3. LOL So cute! I think you are pretty close with what cats are really saying when they chatter like that. I wonder if that kind of trick actually works in the wild? 🙂


  4. Absolutely beautiful photo! Love the chatter conversation. 🙂


  5. That is such a lovely photo! Thank you so much for sharing it on Wordless Wednesday!


  6. Hilarious!! Our cat is 100% indoor, but only because he came to us from the shelter without claws. I'd love it if he could go outside and eat rodents. LOVE.


  7. Thanks so much, Marie! Glad you and Athena stopped by. Happy WW to you!


  8. And the tail twitching, too? It's easy to see the Big Cat genetics these housecats carry in their DNA.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  9. So glad you came by on WW, Playful Kitty. I love your webpage.


  10. Thanks! I was choosing between this B&W version and another edit where I softened the colors to pastels. Finally settled on this one after putting a matte layer on it. I like the feeling of it, you know?

    Thanks for coming by on WW!


  11. Miss Harper Lee, you gorgeous thing. I do love golden retrievers. We have some golden stories here, when you get a spare moment or two. Doing a blog search on Micron will net you some photos of our handsome fella. Micron is only 3/4 golden, but we'd never hold that against him.

    Happy WW to you.


  12. Funny, Bodine is 100% inside because he does have claws, lol. It's just not fair to our feathered friends out there. This cat does have quite the prey drive.

    We sure could have used him a few years ago when we had a field mouse invasion in the house.

    Which, by the way, we did have two other cats back then. And they did … nothing. But just as well, I guess. I didn't have to come across the random mouse carcass about the house.


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