Farmer’s Tan. It’s not just for summer anymore.

What do you get when you cross a Golden with a Labrador?

This, people.  You get a photobomb that you didn’t notice in the tiny viewfinder of your Canon. A cursory glance at the image might even net you that warm feeling that accompanies the camera’s promise of a rather nice shot.

Then you download the memory card onto your laptop and you now find yourself gifted with the pale, almost not there, but yep, there she is, that’s not a ghost photo bomb.

My handsome golden retriever appears to have developed a white-ish rear end. Perhaps one of them stylin’ Lion Cuts. With the unfortunate result of exposing a farmer’s tan.

In winter. Go fig.

Take a sec here and place your thumb over the tip of plume tail creeping above Micron’s noggin.

There. Now do you see it too?

It’s not just me, right?


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11 replies

  1. That's pretty funny. You are right, at first glance I was thinking what a great shot…..woe is the photo bomber!


  2. What a cool pic! I had to do a double take!


  3. Hehe love your photo analysis! My fluffy butt does all the photobombing at our house.


  4. I didn't see what you were talking about at first! LOL – great shot!

    Monty and Harlow


  5. The little missy is insistent that she will not be ignored, so really, I'm not totally shocked to see her there. It's more like, of course Euka is in the frame. Where else would she be? I mean, other than peeling more bark off the dead tree.


  6. Thanks Aimee. Happy WW to you!


  7. And such is the job of the Golden. I'd say that if you didn't have your Tail of Wondrous Beauty in every photo, then well, I just don't want to live in that kind of world. Happy WW to you Chewy! Thanks for stopping by.


  8. Our polar bear princess uses the snow as her camouflage. Without seeing her brown eyes and black snooter button, Euka is indeed sporting that Irish tan.

    Happy WW to you Emily!


  9. Yeah, I get that a lot. The whole ” what are you going on about now.” At least here around the homestead.

    Thanks for stopping by, you guys. Happy WW to you.


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