Wordless Wednesday: Hero Litter at Five Weeks

Bring it on, World.
[photo courtesy of Chris Kittredge Photography]

The Canine Companions for Independence Hero Litter is now five weeks old. We’re continuing to spotlight this litter on our Wordless Wednesday posts.

Click here to see the newest Week Five photos courtesy of Chris Kittredge Photography.

Now that the Hero puppies have hit their five week milestone, our time to watch their acts of derring do on the Eukanuba Puppy Cam livestream in down to about three weeks. We don’t have the actual date to share with you yet, but we’re expecting these furries to be delivered to their puppy raisers near their eight week birthday on May 18.

Names were selected and announced this week for each pup in the Hero Litter. From the Eukanuba Puppy Cam livestream page:


Purple Collar – named by Eukanuba’s Facebook followers

Light Pink Collar – named by Eukanuba’s Facebook followers

Neon Pink Collar – named by Eukanuba’s Facebook followers; Named in honor of Canine Companions’ CEO Corey Hudson who will be retiring this year after 24 years of service.

Orange Collar

Green Collar

Turquoise Collar – named in honor of Eukanuba. The term “Eukanuba” originated in the 1940’s by late jazz musician Hoagy Carmichael meaning “The Best!”

Brown Collar. Pronounced like jalapeño. Just named through Canine Companions online puppy naming challenge contest; described by voters as sweet, unique and joyful.

Don’t know about you, but here at Raising a Super Dog, we’ve been watching Holly girl. And we’ve got good reason to.  Stay tuned for more about this exciting little fur-covered news item.

Wanna watch seven puppies will grow up right before your eyes? Link: http://www.ustream.tv/eukanuba

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