Wordless Wednesday: Caption This #14

Holy cow, it’s been forever since we’ve offered up a Caption This.

So we’ll start this off with a You’re Welcome when you see that I didn’t pun y’all with saying fur-ever.
And I have to tell you this, too. I was sorely tempted to use the saying Donkey’s Years after having just read this phrase in a Stephen King story, of all places.
I haven’t heard anyone say that in, well … you know.  Turns out that Donkey’s Years is an eggcorn from Donkey’s Ears.  Like, it’s been as long as a donkey’s ears.
But we don’t want to suggest a negative body image to a lovely pup who has yet to grow into her own air flappers, now do we?
Of course not, people.
Still, this expression on Holly’s adorable mug is worthy of a caption, I think.
Maybe …

Holly:  The cat called me a What?!

Or add the photo below for a two-liner:

Me:    Holly! Whacha rolling around in your mouth now?
Holly: [mmph] muffin. See?


Holly: Hey, Food Lady! D’ya like seafood?
Me:    Oh Holly, that joke’s even older than I …
Holly: Lookit!  Hahahahaha[snort]

And now let’s open it up to more ideas.  Drop us a comment with your clever dialogical thoughts.

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4 replies

  1. She has the most expressive face.


  2. I've got this food-lady trained already. Do you think she knows yet?


  3. She does indeed, our Holly. She'll need to work on that poker face if she wants to continue the luxury of getting away with stuff. It's not like she's going to keep that adorable forever, right?


    I'm in trouble here, aren't I?


  4. Holly: Wink, wink.

    Yeah, I know. The girl's got me feeding her three square meals a day and she has about a hundred dollars worth of dog toys to ignore while she chews my favorite flip flops.

    And they said I was untrainable. Heh.


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