Wordless Wednesday: Dino trouble

What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night.

Ooh, says Holly. Avenues of naughtiness I’ve not yet traveled.

Five more minutes, please, she asks. I’m doing some research. So let’s see … toilet paper, glue gun, ceiling fan …Brilliant!

Hey, Food Lady! Do we have any glitter at the house?

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7 replies

  1. 🙂 Oh My glitter … Golden Woofs


  2. Careful! Glitter might be what killed the dinosaurs!


  3. Right, glitter. This isn't good, is it?


  4. At least that's what killed the 80's. What? Too soon?


  5. Uuuuh, we love glitter and sparkly things at K9sOverCoffee… 😉


  6. It's all fun and games till the glitter comes out… Oh boy!

    Monty and Harlow


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