Another unrealistic beauty standard

raising a super dog
Another unrealistic beauty standard
for dogs. 

Look at this gorgeous creature.

Just look at her. 

Only nine months old with the promise of a flower with impending beauty still yet to bloom.

Grace and poise, our Miss Holly.

But hold onto your toboggans, people.

Check this out …

Here she is without her makeup.

raising a super dog
I’m no longer sad about the snow
 melting, Food Lady,
says Holly.

Now doesn’t this make you feel better about your own dog?

Sure, you see the mud on her feet, right? Well, I have to tell you her nose pad is not naturally brown.

Neither is her tongue.

What a lab.

Ok, so the pet park at the office is a mud pit after the recent snow melt. Like La Brea, but without interesting bits like mastodons. So on the next business trip out to the park, I get smart.

Real smart, too. We grab a poop bag-to-go and head out for the picturesque nature path on campus. On a normal day I usually avoid this job perk, mostly because of the exercise involved in walking.

My life motto: People get hurt exercising.

But the nature path sure is pretty.

There’s a lake.

raising a super dog

And landscaped waterfalls by a foot bridge.

raising a super dog

And this fella.

raising a super dog

This guy was peeved off, too. How do I know? Because it’s only fifty degrees and he’s cold-blooded and why is Ohio weather so flippin’ weird and he just got stepped on by my size sevens and that’s pretty much a kung fu striking stance for a snake who’s totally prepped to open a can of whoop-butt on me and my little dog, too.

Just because Nature is so fascinating, I leaned in with my camera phone to take a photo of the thing with his mouth open, realizing just in time just how stupid that would be. Even by my standards.

But I still need a deliverable from Holly before we can go back into the building. What to do? I guess it’s back to the pet park with the likes of us.

Well, there’s worse things than mud. Besides how bad could it be, really?

raising a super dog


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4 replies

  1. Haha, hey, some folks pay for a mud bath, and it looks as if yours was free ~ how pawsome is that?! I'm glad you were able to walk away from that can of butt whopping the snake was getting ready to offer…


  2. A little mud is a surefire way to make a dog happy!

    Monty and Harlow


  3. I don't blame the thing for being cranky. But the Ohio weather wasn't our fault. Stepping on his well camouflaged self was pretty much my doing, though. Hope he made it back to his hidey hole to finish his winter's nap.


  4. Labs and water. Labs and mud. And labs running though muddy puddles. It's cheap fun. It's why I keep a towel or two in my car.


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