The price of springtime

Raising a Super Dog
Tell me the truth here. Is there a fish coming out of my neck?
Close your eyes.
No wait, before you do that, let me offer a challenge of imagery.
Take a deep breath. No, not like that. A deep breath. From the diaphragm, people. There you go. Now let it out slowly.
And think about this … what do you see when you imagine springtime? I’ll give you a minute.
[going for a donut. be right back]
Got it? Ok, open your peepers again.

What did you see on the back of your eyelids? Let me guess. Budding flowers, green grass and bumblebees, right?
Then you must not be from around here. Because on the first day of spring in Ohio, we got brown. Lots of brown. Intermingled with gray tones and some otherwise indescribable neutral shade of taupe.
But no matter. Because six bucks will score us some hot house tulips from the local grocer and there you go,simple as that.
Springtime color. 
Miss Holly and I wish y’all a very happy First Day of Spring.
And if you’re from Ohio, remember … it could always be worse.
It could be snowing.
Euka II
First Day of Spring 2013

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