National Puppy Day 2016

On this annual celebration of National Puppy Day, here at Sword House we find ourselves in a rather unfortunate situation of being “between puppies.”

Sure, I have three dogs dropping their spring coats throughout my home, leaving me to wonder how does fur manage to get on top of the door frames. And inside the microwave? How, indeed.

raising a super dog


But still, we do miss the little pitter patter of puppy paws, those 5 P’s of puppyhood. (You know what the fifth one is.) But while we’re awaiting the arrival of our next puppy to raise for Canine Companions for Independence, we have this collage of puppy goodness to share with you.

The five Canine Companions for Independence puppies raised in Sword House. Clockwise from top left: Miss Inga (Skilled Companion Dog), the mighty Micron (a Change of Career into Pet Therapy), Miss Holly (Change of Career), Miss Euka II (Skilled Companion Dog), and little lord Yaxley (Change of Career).

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6 replies

  1. Dogs are wonderful, but there is something about a puppy.

    Sarah and Shadow


  2. Lots of puppy cuteness in that collage.


  3. They’re a great deal of work but you get twice the love, smiles and laughs in return. Puppies are awesome!


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