Dog Gone Viral

raising a super dog thats my dog  photo you guys

If you spend any time scrolling through social media, I’m taking a swag that you’ve seen this meme, or at least one like it.

And while I’m usually up for such an impromptu celebration of two of my favorite things, this particular meme art caught my eye. And by that, I mean I did a straight up spit take.

I wiped the coffee from my laptop screen and gave it a closer look to be sure.

Yup. That’s my dog.


Specifically, that’s my photo of my dog. I purchased the copyright from the photographer during the mighty Micron’s first birthday photo shoot. So how did it get out to the etherworld of dog memes? I’m glad you asked.

I published the image when this dog blog was on another hosting site. Simple as that. Someone searched for photos of dogs of regal bearing and staggering beauty and of course, the mighty showed up top of the list. And snatch!

And then the art thief claimed the photo as their very own and submitted it to Creative Commons to allow usage of the image totally free and clear of copyrights. Pretty ballsy, right?

You know what though? I’m not even mad. It’s a known risk when you share images online. Actually, I’m a bit amused by it. I did a reverse image search and found my dog’s Mona Lisa smile used in some pretty creative ways.

Micron pillow on Amazon.
This is the kind that has the reverse sequins, so it’s extra fun & fancy.
He’s a model for Trackers available on Amazon.
Props for the mad Photoshop skills to add their product to the image.
Yep, that’s my dog advertising CBD oil.
Gotta say, though. Good photo choice.
An ebook on insights to what’s rolling around in that dog noggin.
Hint: it probably involves food and how to get more of it. And maybe CBD oil.

Oh there’s more. With the image of that goofy head, the mighty Micron is the chosen spokesdog to advertise nail clippers, dry shampoo, car window guards, dog food, baby gates, veterinary clinics, Etsy vendors, other dog blogs, a poop-ton of free clipart sites, and that one dodgy website link I regret clicking on. The dog is everywhere.

Speaking of CBD oil inspiration, I give you this thing of swirling beauty. This is my all out fave. I title this Dog in the Vortex. Just wish they had it in my size.

Available on It’s not too early to shop for the holidays.

Of course, I don’t endorse any of these products. Heck, even my dog doesn’t officially endorse anything here, in spite of his image splashed all over the place. He’s just a model. A golden-locked Adonis of a dog, but a model all the same.

As if he’s not already a huge personality. I’m not even telling him about this. Unless you’re a modeling agent. Then sure, let’s have lunch. Have your people call my people *kiss kiss*.

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  1. The mighty Micron shows up again 👏. . . I thought I was the beauty in the family, bro…Madden

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