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  • National Puppy Day 2016

    On this annual celebration of National Puppy Day, here at Sword House we find ourselves in a rather unfortunate situation of being “between puppies.” Sure, I have three dogs dropping their spring coats throughout my home, leaving me to wonder… Read More ›

  • The Story of DogVinci

    Not all Canine Companions for Independence puppies are selected for a career as an assistance dog. In fact, due to the high standards when placing an assistance dog with a person with a disability, CCI will make the decision to… Read More ›

  • Get lucky

    Pucker up, y’all. Mick O’FeedMe, formerly the mighty Micron, wants you to know that a kiss from his golden lips will bring you certain good luck. Never mind that pot o’gold at the end of rainbow. We have a treasure… Read More ›

  • Head in the cloud

    The Jagerhund tends to take life seriously. Except when he doesn’t, which usually when there’s a tennis ball involved. But even then, he has a rather grounded persona. We’d never call him a dreamer. Not the kind of guy with… Read More ›

  • You gnome I love you

    With congrats to Ashley E., winner of the Caption This Facebook Challenge.

  • Too young to be old

    There are times I see him asleep, so still and with the pink tip of tongue peeking out, that I place my hand on his ribs to feel him breath. Jager has two speeds these days. Deep Sleep and Full… Read More ›