Euka II

Piece of my heart

Pin this How old was the puppy when you got him? asked the young man. Yaxley was eight weeks old when he arrived from California, answered The Husband. Yes? Next question? What are you training him to do? asks another… Read More ›

The ears have it

Mini Micron.Pre-photo session.  Hey Micron! says Euka. You big goldengoober! Lookit! Look at what, Puppy Piddler? asks Micron, annoyed. He doesn’t look up from chewing a stick. It’s a good stick. Fresh from the mulch pile. ‘Member the time you… Read More ›

It’s just dog nature

Holy mother of dog. Please tell methat’s not what you’re wearing tothe dinner, says Micron. Don’t makeme call your mom. Are we doing anything Saturday night? I glance up to see The Husband holding his iPhone to his chest. I… Read More ›

Silence is yellow

Mums the word, says Euka. Speak!, I say to Micron. Boof! says Micron. Bawoof! Good dog, Mikey, I say. Well done, big guy. I turn to Jager, Speak! Yap, says Jager. Yap yap yap yap yap yap … Alrighty, that’ll do,… Read More ›