Jager Hund

National Jager Day

Raise your glasses, people. It’s National Jager Day here at Sword House. Ok, it’s really National Mutt Day. A celebration so prestigious it happens twice a year (July 31 and December 2). Whether we say mutt, cross-breed, or all-American, the family dog… Read More ›

Ghosts like toast

I would have thought the dogs would alert To another presence in which to flirtNothing but silence as I left the roomNo portent of dismay, nor omen of doomAll was right with my breakfast upon the deskA simple warm up… Read More ›

Euka first semester update

Now that, says Euka, was a play session!  You must really be mad at that little yellow dog, says Bodine. The benevolent ruler of Sword House strolls into the kitchen while I’m putting some sandwiches together.Ooh, is that roast beef? he… Read More ›