National Jager Day

Jager is an All-American Kibble Hound.

Jager is an All-American Kibble Hound.

Raise your glasses, people. It’s National Jager Day here at Sword House.

Ok, it’s really National Mutt Day. A celebration so prestigious it happens twice a year (July 31 and December 2).

Whether we say mutt, cross-breed, or all-American, the family dog boasting of being a variety of breeds blended into one tidy package is indeed a unique creature.

You might even refer to your special edition dog as one-of-a-kind.

We do.

And so in recognition of all the wonderful canines who are out there enhancing quality of life for their humans, we offer up Jager as a fine representation of the All-American breed.

. . . . .

Five Fabulous Facts About Jager

. . . . .

1. He has skills like Liam Neeson.

“What I do have are a particular set of skills,” says Jager. “Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.”

“Copy that,” says the skunk. “Too bad about the fence there.”

Jager Warg

A Jager Warg

Jager, bless his little terrier heart, has one job. Ever vigilant, he patrols our suburban backyard, watchful for any sign of enemy infiltration. So far, we’ve been saved from a battalion of squirrels, one mole, and the neighbor’s tabby cat. There’s usually a brief, but intense, interrogation session where Jager hoists up his pants and pats the one bullet in his pocket. With a one nostril sniff, the offender is asked to leave the premises with a warning to never step paw back upon this green lawn.

Then the skunk showed up.

And here’s Jager’s real skill. There’s only the chain-link fence to separate the two as they reenact a scene from Thunderdome. You know … Two critters enter…one gets skunked.

And still. Jager managed to not get sprayed. Dodged that skunk bullet, one might say.

Blessings abound.

2. The dog’s got him some street smarts


It’s just a rumor that I’ll eat anything.

Jager was an adult dog, two years old, when he became our first foster failure. Before he made it to the sanctuary of a rescue group, he was a stray living on the streets. A small stature fellow, he learned to get his next meal using a Dickens-style cleverness.

“Oh!,” says the Giver of the Cookie. “You don’t like that one? Here, let me get you a different flavor.”

The dog picks up both cookies and walks away, tail wagging.

3. He’s got this work:life balance thing down cold.

Because this.

summer begins in 123

Summer vacation begins 3…2…1

4. He’s enjoying a long remission

Jager pffft


Who am I kidding? We’re all celebrating this health break of his. Jager came to us with a diagnosis of dermatomyositis, which affected him profoundly as a pup. The muscle atrophy is noticeable around his face and the scarring from the skin lesions remain as badges of survival. Yet from his withers to his tail, he’s as healthy as can be.

We’ve seen a couple of skin breakouts over the years, but nothing causing concern. At eleven years old, this incredible dog is still active and ready to chase the yellow tennis ball. Or squirrel. Either one.

5. He’s a great conversation piece.

“What breed is your dog?,” they ask.
“Guess,” we say.

part wolf baby

That’s right. Part wolf, baby.

You know, I’ve considered sending in for one of those Dog Breed DNA tests out of a sense of curiosity. The one time I made it to being half serious about it, I went out to the website and noted how many of the clients were labeled as “undetermined.”

Naw, too risky, I thought. What if that’s the result what we got for the Jagerhund, too? Or worse, what if there’s something like squirrel in his family heritage.

It’d just break his heart.

On the upside though, I see that the version of Wisdom Brand’s Breed Identification has been upgraded to identify any wolf and coyote lurking in the family tree. So there’s that.

A dog can dream.

A tip of the milk bone to all Mutts today. And adopt, don’t shop, of course. The shelters and rescue groups are there and ready to help you find your next canine soul mate.

you must be my backyard

[wink wink]

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