Euka II

The ears have it

Mini Micron.Pre-photo session.  Hey Micron! says Euka. You big goldengoober! Lookit! Look at what, Puppy Piddler? asks Micron, annoyed. He doesn’t look up from chewing a stick. It’s a good stick. Fresh from the mulch pile. ‘Member the time you… Read More ›

It’s just dog nature

Holy mother of dog. Please tell methat’s not what you’re wearing tothe dinner, says Micron. Don’t makeme call your mom. Are we doing anything Saturday night? I glance up to see The Husband holding his iPhone to his chest. I… Read More ›

Silence is yellow

Mums the word, says Euka. Speak!, I say to Micron. Boof! says Micron. Bawoof! Good dog, Mikey, I say. Well done, big guy. I turn to Jager, Speak! Yap, says Jager. Yap yap yap yap yap yap … Alrighty, that’ll do,… Read More ›