Wordless Wednesday: Caption This #8

So I’m looking at the shots I took while Euka and Micron were doing that weird labrador mouth play game and this one appears on the the screen.

I dunno, I get the feeling that some covert information was being shared here. Like Micron is telling the kid No, don’t look at her! Just act normal and listen up . . .

What?!  Telling her what?!  Surely they’re not plotting against the Food Lady.

Are they?

What do you think Micron is telling the new kid?  If you can read those dog lips, drop me a comment so I can get a heads up on things, won’t you?

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6 replies

  1. Woof! Woof! Simply “I know exactly where are the Tasty COOKIES.” Happy Wordless Wednesday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar


  2. “Sit down here by me little one and let me tell you the facts of life”


  3. Right, like he knows where the “good stuff” is kept. Like how I keep my special candy stash in with the pots and pans, because I figure nobody else in this house is getting into that cupboard, lol.


  4. Ack, not yet, Micron! She's too young! Well, it's probably better here than learning it from the kids at school, I guess. Thanks for stopping by on this fine WW.


  5. They're planning to knock you over and make off with all the treats. Dogs are so short-sighted. Sadly, the puppy will be blamed.


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