Wordless Wednesday: I can see my future from here

I was looking at this photo from last fall, taken at a Miami Valley Pet Therapy Association fundraising event, and rolling through the noggin what it reminded me of.

Ah yes, it puts me in mind of those yearbook photos of days gone by. We know today’s photo shoots of our high school seniors involve changes of clothes and scenery, a professional make-up session, and the obligatory bank loan to pay for the things.  But back in the day, we simply showed up in our best dress or leisure suit and sat on a black stool to gaze off into the distance with a toothy smile on our mugs.

We’re looking off into our bright futures, our expressions would say on our senior portraits.

And that’s what it seems that the Mighty Micron is doing here as well. Not long after his graduation from mvPTa  as a Therapy Dog, he’s imagining what’s out there awaiting him. Where will he be needed most? What can he do to change someone’s world for a day? How can he provide a sense of peace and comfort to a person in need of such things?

Or perhaps, considering the spot of drool on that lower lip, he’s merely watching a squirrel. You never know with Micron. The waters run deep in this fellow, but sometimes the brain cells get caught up in a whirlpool.

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12 replies

  1. Woof! Woof! Such a Golden Moment. Precious photo. Happy BlogPaws WW. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar


  2. What a beauty! Happy BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday blog hop!


  3. Whatever he's thinking about, it must be good!


  4. You're right, it does remind you of the 'senior class' photo! 🙂


  5. You're so right! And sadly, so right about bankrolling senior photos these days.


  6. Happy WW to you, Sugar. You have your share of Golden moments too, photographically speaking and all, you gorgeous thing.


  7. Thanks Carol. Micron can really work it for a photo op, too. It's like he knows. Happy BlogPaws WW blog hop to you!


  8. Good and yummy, that spot o'drool would lead us to believe. It could be that I had The Husband standing off to the side with a dog cookie to hold the yeller dog's attention for a moment. That technique is necessary at times to distract the big guy from eating sticks off the ground. The dog, I mean. Not the husband.


  9. Happy WW to you too. Thanks for stopping by!


  10. I was thinking about looking for my senior photo from *cough*1980*cough*, but then thought it might just throw me into a state of despair, seeing my youthful face so full of hope. By full of hope, I really mean I would be depressed to be reminded how thin I used to be. Time is a harsh mistress, ain't she?


  11. Our dining room is a shrine of sorts, with the kid's senior photos up on all three walls. We were talking about redecorating now that the kid has actually graduated from college last year. But I keep thinking, all that cash for these photos! I'm not sure we got our money's worth yet by looking at them enough, you know?


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