Wordless Wednesday: It’s Symbolic. Maybe.

Euka & Ella

So this image is symbolic, right? 

Ella and Euka’s crossed paws show their unity, that we’re in this thing together, sister.  The paws show that no matter where their paths take them, they will always walk the journey with the memory of their familial ties.

The deep midnight blue background is the unlimited sky.  Cool night, a gentle wind with a billion stars twinkling with as many opportunities.  To boldy go . . .

And the yellow tennis ball, as round and bright as the sun itself, well, it represents that service dogs can have fun, too.  The ball is within reach, actually touching a furry paw. Showing that these working girls can transistion from serious business to playtime and then back again. Just a touch away.

We pause here while you ponder this. And so I can grab a donut.

Ok, back now.  So whad’ya think, y’all?

Yep, you’re absolutely right. I’m just messin’ with you.  I happened to look down from my laptop and saw this. Thought it was cute and took a picture. And that’s about it.

You know what that ball actually represents?  Its true purpose is to hold it in one’s maw and push it into Everett’s nose.  Look what I have and you don’t, says either one of the girls.  Try to get it! bwahahaha.

More paw art below.  We can try for more trinity style symbolism for these three pups.  If you find yourself inspired, drop a comment with what your artist’s eye can see.

1. Unity in Three

That’s Ella’s paw on top. That must mean something, right?
 Everett’s is the lower one.

2. Tennis Ball Twister

Only three dogs. Take a moment to figure out which leg belongs to whom.
I sure had to.

3.  Nose to the ball

Nose now touching the ball, paws in a protective circle.
What could it mean?

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12 replies

  1. I think it means they are anxious for you to stop taking pictures and go toss that ball for them!


  2. And a happy WW to you, 2BD. I saw the Park 2.0 project on your page today and I'm intrigued. Off to check this out a little more.


  3. Love the first photo, it's really cool!

    Happy Wednesday!


  4. Quit messing around on the computer already, they say. And let's go outside!

    You're right, of course. There's only so much fun that can be had within the four walls of the office. We could all use a break here.


  5. Hi Emily, happy WW to you. And thanks for your kind comment on the photo. It was one of those *click* well, that's cute, but now what moments? Ah, Wordless Wednesday, of course. The showcase of choice for many of my WTH category of photos.


  6. Aww paw pretzels! I thought the first picture was one set of paws, but it's made much cuter that it's two. 🙂 Happy WW!


  7. Hi Sarah, happy WW to you too. Thanks for stopping by today!


  8. How cool!! Happy WW, stopping by from the blog hop!!


  9. Hi Miley, thanks for clicking on us from the blog hop! Welcome!


  10. Typically when our boys touch it is a pure accident, or Monty is barging past Sam. We are impressed!



  11. That's a lot of dog paws in that picture…so cute!


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