Wordless Wednesday: Mutiny of the Bounty

Who loves Grocery Day? Micron does, that’s who.  I don’t remember how or when we started the tradition, really.  But every week I always grab an extra roll of paper towels for Micron to retrieve from the miscellaneous and sundry food score so he can do his job by delivering his quarry from car to house.

Some may remember the post where we covered his fervor for this heavy responsibility at Every Day He Reminds Me.  It occurred to me that perhaps photos just can’t tell the whole story, so I came up with the inspired idea to record a video to capture the emotion of the thing. Y’all need to see this phenomena, I think.

As always, I walk into this with a vision. Just short of drawing up a story board, I see in my mind’s eye . . . Micron’s expression showing pure canine ecstasy as he realizes it’s Grocery Day, embracing his inner greyhound he runs to the car, ending with a sliding stop. Plume tail wagging a happy dance as he pulls the paper towel roll from the trunk of the car and walks proudly back to the house thus completing his task.  All honor and glory and wondrous stuff.

Yeah, this didn’t happen. Of course it didn’t, why did I think it would? This is Micron, after all.

No, instead this is what we got.

(Heads up there’s a snappy music score with this. Just sayin’ if your speakers are on) 

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  1. Golden LAUGHS. I know mom went to the grocery store when she carries bags of bananas for ME. I don't think she will let me help her carry the paper towels. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar


  2. MOL! Were those paper towels useable after that? Being cats we like to supervise the putting away of the shopping, but that's where our help ends.


  3. Silly Golden! I love that there were 4 takes, and perhaps the end result is not-quite-useable paper towels. Ah, the things we do for our pups' happiness, right? Thanks for creating and sharing this!


  4. Laughed out loud at take 1 – that's what it would be like at this house. Too funny.


  5. OMD – this cracks me UP! Micron is so helpful. 🙂


  6. That was great! Haha! Of course he was going to perform silly for the camera! Isn't that always how it works? Whenever I grab the camera to take a picture of my pup being cute doing something… She always moves or gets out of what I intended to take the picture of.


  7. OMG – I am dying – HILARIOUS. I would do the same thing if it weren't that the paper towels are about as big as me! Very nice video – thanks for sharing!



  8. Loved the video! Now I'm trying to figure out what I can teach Honey to get out of my bike panniers when I bring the groceries home. 🙂


  9. Thanks for sharing that precious video, Donna! We just love those babies you have!!! Hunter and I are still waiting for “the call”. It's been a year last month since our face to face interview, so we're hoping we'll get a call in he fall or spring…Waiting patiently, but it's tough at times…Kiss those babies for us…Hunter and Melody…


  10. That's some funny stuff! Note to self, paper towels are not the enemy.


  11. Sometimes the paper towels actually make it into the house relatively unscathed. And well, other times not so much.

    I'd bet that Micron would love to carry bananas too. But I would expect the same odds as the Bounty, so probably not worth the wager.

    How sweet of your mom to treat you with bananas. Happy WW to you, our golden friend.


  12. Ok, so the paper towel roll in Take 1? I've donated to The Husband's garage to be used as he sees fit. “I hosed it off,” says The Husband. “That's nice,” I say. “Enjoy.”

    And we understand about the supervision of feline management. We have this leadership at our place too, thanks to Bodine. Honestly, we'd likely get lost in our own house, if not for him.


  13. Hi Catherine! You're so right … making Micron happy gives all of us such a wonderful feeling around here. Goldens and their simple joys, it's just the best.


  14. You know, I would try to explain that he's never, never I say, done that before. But it doesn't really matter, I guess. This dog just makes me laugh at the things he does.

    Happy WW to you, SlimDoggy!


  15. Should we put “helpful” in quotes, do you think? But me makes me laugh, so there's that.

    Thanks for stopping by on WW, Flea!


  16. Our Micron is, and has always been, about one degree off the Normal scale. It's what we love about him. But I still have that nagging little idea in my brain to record him doing this task with the usual proficiency. It might involve a few more takes.

    I should get a bigger memory card for the camera.

    Thanks for coming by, Monica and Spunky. Happy WW to you!


  17. Hey Piranha Banana, maybe your food lady could get something more your size to help with. There's no glory in toilet paper rolls, so let's move on from that idea. Maybe we could build on Sugar's idea (comment above) and you could carry the bananas in. One at a time, of course, until you built up the strength to tackle the whole bunch of the things. That would be a fun video, right?

    Thanks for stopping by on WW this week!


  18. What could the multi-talented Honey help with? Unlike our intensely focused Micron, you have the pleasure of choice, I would think.

    But now that I think on it, Micron would likely be willing to help carry in a variety of grocery stash. Paper towels are the least costly as well as being semi-recoverable for later use. Unlike say, a loaf of bread or pack of ground chuck.

    A belated happy WW to you, Pamela!


  19. Thanks for following my silly, silly dogs, Melody. And for being so patient with CCI as they wait for the right dog to partner you with. I do wish the wait wasn't so long for you.

    Hugs back to you and Hunter.


  20. PJ! There you are, we've been waiting for your adventures to start, you adorable critter you.

    So much to learn, including this paper towel thing. Start small, with things like pulling the toilet paper roll out to the living room to shred. That gets you much more attention in the day.

    Oh wait, that was Micron's advice. Please ignore. No, instead listen to your puppy raisers. They really do know best. Even, and especially, when you hit your teenager phase.

    Your half sister, Euka II, sends you a puppy lick. We've got your website in the blog roll on the right, too.


  21. So very funny! And, so perfectly Micron.


  22. Nothing ever goes as planned when the hu-dad turns on the video camera!


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