Watch Holly Grow: Fourteen Months

Holly CCI puppy

Holly at 14 months. Favorite toy this month: Yellow Tennis Ball

There’s a whole lot of good stuff about the Favorite Kid getting married off, the first being that now I have two Favorites.

And grand dogs. Two of those in the family now, too.

An embarrassment of riches, y’all.

So I guess getting the chalkboard for Holly’s monthly birthday photo shoot should be lower on the excitement meter. Yet, I admit being a little jazzed to have it.

And by have it, I mean I commandeered it from the wedding reception. It was on the bar, a chalky sentinel tasked with advertising the choice of beverages available to the revelers.

“Let me just put that in my trunk for you guys,” I said to the newlyweds. “You’ve got enough to take home with you.” Because I can be clever like that.

It’s not like they’ll never see the chalkboard again, of course. It’s just a hyperlink away. Or a visit back home to see the parents. That too.

Holly CCI puppy

Holly at 14 Months. Favorite toy this month: Yellow Tennis Ball

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  1. In hindsight, not sure why I bothered calling out the Yellow Tennis Ball as the toy of the month. It’s always the first choice.


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