Who wore it better?

july4 copy

You know how I go about like I’m all smart and stuff, reading only the best of literature? What, you haven’t noticed this? Well, I do. Sometimes.

Other times, I can’t wait for my next hair appointment so I can immerse myself into the latest of the celebrity news magazines that the salon has strewn about for our reading pleasure.

One of these mags, I really don’t recall which, has a feature of Who Wore it Best showing two examples of the slim, rich and famous wearing very similar get ups. The same dressy dress … is it the chick shaped like a pixie stick or the one with the curves? And you know what it comes down to most times? The shoes. True Story.

So here we offer up three dogs and one patriotic bandanna. A comparison of the rescue, the master of pet therapy, and the pup in training for Canine Companions for Independence.

Who rocks the bandanna best?

Wishing all a safe and happy Independence Day and holiday weekend from Sword House.

Categories: Dogs of Sword House, Micron Makes Memes

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