Love Letters to the Hero Litter

Love letters to the Hero Litter from their puppy raisers on the Canine Companions for Independence blog. Tissue alert, y’all.

Help is a Four-Legged Word™

It’s amazing how quickly 18 months goes by when you’re loving, training and caring for a Canine Companions puppy. The early days of sleepless nights and chewed up toys quickly turn into trips to the local library and perfecting “sit” and “down.” The funny and uncoordinated pup has grown into a strong and confident dog who knows how to climb steps with ease, stay focused in any situation and is ready for the professional training it takes to become a life changing assistance dog. The Hero Litter is ready for this next part of their journey and will be returning to Canine Companions Training Centers in November.

While the pup may be prepared and ready for this transition, the volunteer puppy raiser often is not. These generous and unselfish people have fallen in love with the dogs and it is usually with tears they say goodbye. The love letters that follow…

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