Head in the cloud

The Jagerhund tends to take life seriously. Except when he doesn’t, which usually when there’s a tennis ball involved. But even then, he has a rather grounded persona.

We’d never call him a dreamer. Not the kind of guy with his head in the clouds.

Still. Because I am made of the stuff of the easily distracted, while working on something completely unrelated, I stumbled upon the Tagul desktop app for creating word clouds.

And what’s this now? You can use your own images?

So I made a word cloud of Jager’s noggin, because why not? Designed with a handful of words that describe this amazing creature … spirit, funny, attitude, kibble hound … and such.

jager cloud border

One simple trick I’ll share is to have a clean background to your image or photo. I just happened to have a few shots of the Jagermeister with a snowscape backdrop. Those with mad Photoshop skills could achieve the same with using a layer mask, which would have been my second choice of blowing off an hour of my life to make this thing.

IMG_3198cIf you try this with your own beloved dog, cat, ferret or other fine choice of companion, drop a link in the comments, won’t you?

We’d love to see what you come up with.

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  1. I did one. Fun stuff. Thanks for sharing.

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