Too young to be old

Jager pffft

[pffft] to your geriatric talk

There are times I see him asleep, so still and with the pink tip of tongue peeking out, that I place my hand on his ribs to feel him breath.

Jager has two speeds these days. Deep Sleep and Full Throttle. At twelve years old he still chases squirrels, nearly catching them and barking like a mad dog when he doesn’t. But he takes more breaks through the day than he used to. And he commits to these naps with the same passion as he does when ridding our lawn of tree rats.

Nobody has told the Jager he’s of the geriatric ilk now. He would likely brush the news away with a casual wave of the paw anyway. The Jagermeister is made of resilient stuff. He has no interest in the foolishness of such mind control. If you’re as old as you feel, as they say, then he feels like squirrel for lunch.

We covered the rather colorful backstory of this All-American Dog of ours back on the celebration of his 7th Gotcha Day at Master of The Hunt. This weekend we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of when this funny little spotted dog joined our family.

What’s his secret to having such quality of life at his age? Is clean living, regular exercise, or a lifetime of crunching upon Eukanuba? Sure, probably all that. But living with the guy all these years, do you know what I think?

It’s all about attitude.

Twelve years old and still running strong. Keep it up, our funny little friend.

Keep it up.

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