That’s his story

And they all smelled really bad, too. Jager! Darn it, doggie, I say.  Will you please move your butt? The usual morning rush. I’m just trying to walk to my car and Jager keeps stopping in front of me to lick… Read More ›

Iced buns

Star Wars Episode 4.1, The Lost Hope I don’t get it, says Euka squinting at her Christmas present. Explain to me your hooman logic behind this one.Micron sniffs the thing, then pokes it with a paw as if testing to… Read More ›

There’s snow sense in it

I’ve got my eye on you You will regret this, hooman, says Bodine. You know, cat o’mine, I say.  I suppose I will. But it feels good now. So, I continue. You’ll be keeping [snort] an eye on me, right?Oh, purrs Bodine. Count on… Read More ›