She’s snow kind of beauty

Euka II, our pale beauty, at 15 months

Oh heck yeah, people. With just a dab o’mousse and the right amount of root lifter, I’ve tamed this straight-as-string hillbilly hair into a perfectly acceptable coif.

And stellar timing, too, for this blue moon appearance of a Good Hair Day. Looming before me is the The Husband’s boss’s holiday party to hit tonight. So now, instead of the trifecta of my questionable table manners, awkward social skills, plus a hair style that makes folk wonder if I’ve been moving furniture while wearing a motorcycle helmet, we got us only two out of three.

It’s gonna be a good day, Scooter.

You know what’s great about Ohio? No, really. This time I’m not using the sarcasm font. I do appreciate the winter months that bring in lower humidity, which in turn promotes more flattering hair styles for those of us who are challenged in such matters.

And then, here in the midwest climes, we have the added bonus of beautiful snowscapes, don’t we?  The change of seasons that keeps us appreciative of the beauty of nature and all it offers.

So I was pretty darn grateful to snap a few photos of our Miss Euka with the snow at her back before it started raining sleet. Because, you know. Ohio.

Euka at four months

It was just a year ago our California blonde was romping about in her first snowfall, an event we shared at It’s Snow Fun Surviving a Blizzard.  And now at a mature-ish fifteen months old, Miss Euka gets a second shot at an Ohio winter.

Folk ask us where Euka will be when she graduates from advanced training at Canine Companions for
Independence. We have to give the brutally honest answer of … we have no idea. It’s not up to us, of course. CCI, and Euka herself, will decide when that time comes. Our CCI region covers fourteen states, but even that is only part of it all.

We know that Euka’s skills could match a graduate from another region of CCI, as well. The Northwest, Southeast, Northeast, or possibly back to her birthplace of California.

Whatever her destiny, we know this will be her last winter with our family and so we want to get as much snow time in that we can possibly manage.

To heck and back with the Good Hair Day, I declare. Let’s have some fun in the sleety Ohio rain, my pale beauty.

And despite the fact I can’t find my car keys, I was able to locate the red bow we used last December for the First Snow photo shoot.


Just as gorgeous as she was last December, wouldn’t you agree?  She would nearly blend into the snowscape like a winter fox if we didn’t have that red bow on her.

Oh, I hear you though. But last year, you say, she was so stinkin’ adorable with the red bow clutched between her little piranha puppy teeth. 

Let’s see you manage that one again, you say in a taunting manner.

Oh Sure, I reply, flashing a self-assured and cocky half smile. I accept your challenge..

And then I fail.


This is not the adorable either one of us had in mind, now is it?

Nor was this. But it was, I think, what we all expected.

Final score of the day, y’all?

Good Hair Day: 0
Adorable puppy with bow in delicate, yet crocodilish, maw: 0
Beautiful California Blonde having a moment of bliss in the Ohio snow: 1+

It’s a good day, y’all.

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