Wordless Wednesday: A bit cold in the snooter

The day after Christmas, we get our post holiday snow. And then some. Here in Ohio, we have blizzard conditions of the like we haven’t seen in a few years.

About a week ago, I couldn’t wait for Euka’s first snow. 

And now I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t have wished so hard, but it’s too late to take it back now.  Nothing to do about it, but let the dogs out to play in the stuff. 

Euka was going all multi-sensory in the backyard with this new discovery. She got a bit stopped up when she got to what does it smell like?

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  1. Hey Euka, how did you like the snow? Man, I had a blast last week when we had the blizzard. Now, I just have to deal with single digit temps and below zero wind chill…Ahhhhhhhhh


  2. What does it smell like?!? What does it smell like?!? I don't get snow where I live. Glad you all had a (sorta) white holiday!


  3. How wonderful! We were so disappointed that our forecast Christmas snow didn't pan out. I was looking forward to photographing my chickens and ducks in their first snow. 😦


  4. This picture of Eukq should be next years Hallmark Christmas card! Great picture of her…thanks, Donna. Melody


  5. Snow is a good time. Below zero wind chill, not so much. Euka picks her tiny paws up and walks a little funny when it gets too cold. Not a problem now because she's still fun size and portable. Micron, however, is motivated to get business done in a prompt manner.

    Stay warm, Carver. Hope you score an extra blanket on the nippy days.


  6. Oz, we would have felt a bit sad that you don't get snow, except we ended up being snowed in for two days here. A little snow around can be just beautiful to behold. Too much of the white stuff and attitudes shift somewhat.
    I asked Euka what it smells like, but she's having trouble describing it. “Outdoorsy-like & wet-ish” is all she comes up with. Maybe she can be more creative as she gets more life experience. By this time next year perhaps she'll be able to compare the olfactory nuances to a fine wine. Or something.


  7. Folk around here seem to hope for that romantic white Christmas, but many of them don't have four dogs in the house that need bio breaks throughout the day. Personally, I like those dry days – no rain, no snow, no mud. Not fair to the dogs though. They deserve a good snowfall to romp about in. Lucky us, we got about a foot of rompage material here.


  8. Thanks, Melody! I have some more photos to share in a later post. I put a red bow on her and some of the shots came out kinda cute. Can't wait to show everyone.


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