Growing room

Euka II, a beauty in the making at five months old
Ready? Ok, here goes.
Two truths and a lie, y’all.
1. My sister is fifteen months older than me.
2. I’m the quiet, reserved one and she’s the outgoing one ready to spill every embarrassing story of our growing up together. To anyone really, but especially to people we’ve just met.
Ours was blue. And ate
orange traffic cones for lunch.
3. I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 18. Which is kind of embarrassing when said sister discloses during first impression events.  But to my defense, it’s really hard to pass the Maneuverability test with a ’68 Buick Wildcat. The flippin’ thing was the size of a tug boat. You could host a Pampered Chef party in the trunk alone and still have room for a wet bar.
So yeah, I made it easy for you. I’m actually the older sister. Heh, but you know what’s funny? After she tells people we’re sisters, I immediately declare her the eldest.  We look nothing alike, so folk will look from me to her and do a vague head tilt while they process this. Oh, but the best part is when she vehemently denies this, which of course makes her look totally guilty.  You know?  She doeth protesteth too much.  Hahahaha, good times.
Except for the pesky age thing, it’s good to be the eldest sibling. I didn’t have to fuss with the hand-me-down tradition, for one. I’m thinking about this with Euka II this week. As CCI puppy #4 for us, this little girl is not so lucky in avoiding hand-me-downs from the pups before her.
The E Litter reached their five month birthday on Valentine’s Day, February 14.  A milestone age as this is when the pups transition from their puppy capes to their big dog training capes. 
By this age, it’s starting to get tricky to tie a neat little granny knot in the belly straps on the puppy cape.  So I’m ready for the larger cape with the snap buckles. A seemingly little detail that actually makes life just one step easier with the puppies.

From Left: Euka II, Emma and Everett at eight weeks

Here’s a shot of three of the E’s from last November when they’d just reached Ohio soil. Brand new puppy capes covering withers to butt secured with cute bow ties under their bellies. Adorable.

Ok, now let’s take a look at our five month old Euka in that same cape today.

Is it even possible to get a belly wedgie?
Yowza.  Well, it was hard to breathe with that cape. I mean me, I couldn’t breathe while bending over trying to tie that cape under her belly. It’s same reason I get professional pedicures. I can’t hold my breath that long bending over to reach my toes.
Anyway, it looks kinda silly too, that cape. Like little kid flood pants after a growth spurt. I pull out Yaxley’s old training cape, a hand-me-down for Miss Euka. We’re both ready for the next step up in the pup-in-training fashion department. 
Huh. Well, maybe.

Sure, I know what you’re thinking. Just tighten up the straps, dummy.  They are tightened, people. That’s it, nothing left to cinch up there on our pale petite beauty.  See that ten inches of strap hanging below the svelte waist? Our baby still has some growing to do.

Ah, no worries though. We’ll get our girl looking snappy and professional, ready to meet her public. Off to find some Velcro strips.


As a comparison, I went back to look at the post we did for Yaxley’s Five for Five and see that the fella had some growing room at five months old too.  Yax was 41 pounds at this mark, Euka II is 36.  Then check out the photo at Micron at end of the Yaxley post. Fifty three pounds of fluffy yellow puppy. What a moose.

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  1. This post cracked me up…she is really growing up fast! Thanks for the pictures, Donna. I share this post with my co-workers as they enjoy watching her grow, too.



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