Wordless Wednesday: Name Game Photo Invite

When I said call me for dinner, says Euka, this isn’t what I had in mind. But no prob, I could hear the kibble calling my name.

But truth be told, y’all, Euka did not get to partake in the noshing of her meal out here on the patio. But before you think this totally unjust, I can explain.

To be a service dog, that canine brain needs to wrap itself around the idea food on the ground, anything perceived as possibly edible, is not for them. Think about it this way . . .  a service dog in a restaurant must be focused on the handler, not the nibblets of treasure to be found under the table.  Same basic concept for any outing. A service dog is always tuned into his or her person, instead of like our pets [coughJagercough] who pass the hours of the day with nose to the ground scrounging for a scrap of edible goodness.

And this frame of mind starts early in life in the puppy raiser’s home. We understand the need for this training, we puppy raisers. So we do this, we always have.

But new and trendy among us these days is the sharing of photos showing our young charges with the expression of cool indifference upon their faces when faced with their name spelled in kibble. So you got me thinking . . .

An invitation

You don’t have to be a CCI puppy raiser to join in. If you have, or wanna take, a photo with your dog posed by their kibbley name, send the photo to me at puppysword@gmail.com.  Be sure to include a link to your pet’s Facebook page or blog, if you have such things.

We’ll post the grouping on next week’s Wordless Wednesday.

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11 replies

  1. Very impressive, Euka. Nicely done.

    I'll have to think about this. Honey eats FreshPet slice and serve meals. The thought of smearing her name out on my kitchen floor in a paste doesn't sound very appealing. 🙂


  2. Wow, Euka. Good job! This is one of the many reasons why Rita will never be a service/therapy dog. But, just because we enjoy a challenge, maybe we'll try this for next Wordless Wednesday!


  3. That is an awesome “leave it” or “stay” exercise. Nicely done. Maybe we'll try it…


  4. Very nice!!!! Something to try ourselves and see how we do.


  5. WOW!!! Good girl, Euka! I love watching her grow into a Service Dog! You're so good with her, Donna. Keep up the good work; so proud of her. Melody & Hunter


  6. I just did that with my CCI service dog for fun today. Poor guy has a long (and tempting!) name, but he did perfectly!


  7. Nice job, Euka! I was doing food refusal with Dante last night, and launched kibble all over the living room floor. Dante took one look at it, grabbed a toy and jumped up on the fire place hearth to remove himself from the temptation. Hehe, food refusal can be so much fun!


  8. I'm always looking for good photo ops with Nettie. This one looks fun… although not too sure Nettie will feel the same way about it as I do!

    Good job Euka!


  9. It looks like she passed that challenge. 🙂


  10. When Sam did his therapy test he was the only dog that completely ignored chicken on the ground. The instructors were so impressed they asked him to do it again, and again… …and then they used us as an example to the other folks taking their tests. We had to demonstrate how Sam ignored the chicken. We've always taught the “Leave It” command. It comes in so handy – food, rabbit poop, or even snakes.



  11. I just sent you a photo. Hope it doesn't end up in your spam folder. Thanks for the fun exercise.


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