Wordless Wedesday: Caption This #9

Photo credit http://www.chriskittredge.com/ Facebook: Chris Kittredge Photography

Not your average California blondes, these two.

The lovely Emma and Euka are six weeks old in this archival photo from their Canine Companions for Independence volunteer breeder caretaker.

Miss Euka is giving off an aura of sassiness, meanwhile Emma looks on with a look of practiced patience.  It hasn’t even been two months yet, but she has her sister figured out.  That attitude of yours, says Emma, is going to get you in big trouble, sis.

Let’s try some photo captions for these two fun and furry personalities. What are these two girls saying, do you think?

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  1. Woof! Woof! Too CUTE! Happy BlogPaws WW. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar
    “Mmmm I see some PB on your paw and wanna lick it.”


  2. Euka: “I'm sexy and I know it”
    Emma: “What's sexy?”


  3. “Will you not sing so loud, I want to take a nap.”


  4. Euka: When's lunch?
    Emma: You just had breakfast.


  5. Emma: What are you singing? I think you're a little off key!


  6. lol – that photo reminds me of me and my (human) sister growing up – her always laughing, and me always wondering what the joke was!! 🙂


  7. Looks like somebody just told a good joke.


  8. Eeeee!! They're so cute! I feel like Emma is thinking “we might get in trouble for that” and Elka is saying, “Nawwww…. come on, biting the human in the toes will be fun!”


  9. Oh my goodness, just too cute!


  10. Mmmmm, peanut butter. I don't know about you, Sugar, but that's a pretty popular (pupular?) treat with the retrievers around here.

    Good caption!


  11. I love it, Slim Doggy! You made me snort on that one.


  12. On top of spaghetti!, sings Euka, All covered with cheese . . .

    I'll be under the dog bed if anyone's looking for me, says Emma.

    You're right, Roxy. It does look like she's belting out a Cub Scout camp song.


  13. And . . . some things never change. We stopped feeding lunch at six months old. Now just breakfast and dinner for the svelte and athletic Euka.

    But I need the calories, she cries. Or I'll never be as big as Micron.

    No dog, I say, should be the size of Micron. Now go help the big guy burn a calorie or two.


  14. Emma: “How come she ALWAYS gets to wear the pink collar?”
    Euka: “You've gotta practice those puppy dog eyes, Sis!”


  15. The ants go marching two by two!, sings Euka. Hurrah! HURRAH!

    The only time she stops, says Emma, is when she's eating. When's dinner?


  16. Hi Coralee and Finn! Thanks for stopping by on WW.

    Emma is the first born of the litter. Euka is a middle-child, so to speak. So I kind of see the serious nature of the oldest and the attention seeking behavior of the middle here. I do love this photo.


  17. And by the look on Emma's face, it's one she's heard just a few times already.

    Hey Emma! says Euka. Why was six afraid of seven? BECAUSE SEVEN EIGHT NINE! hahahahaha.

    [sigh], says Emma.

    Thanks for stopping by, Flea. Happy WW to you.


  18. Good caption! I totally agree; that looks about right, Sarah.

    Thanks for stopping by on WW!


  19. Hi Marcie, these two are just stinkin' adorable, aren't they? I love this shot of them taken by their breeder caretaker. It shows Miss Euka's personality so well.

    Thanks for coming by on WW!


  20. Piranha Banana! Happy WW to you, thanks for stopping by on this fine day.


  21. Oh and not just pink, but that's a Hot Pink collar. Ok, so CCI calls that color Neon Pink, but Euka insists that is not a proper fit for her personality.

    Puppy dog eyes! Love the dialogue, Amy.


  22. It's just ridiculous, right? These two aren't keeping it fair for other puppies, using up all the cute like that.

    Thanks for stopping by, Carol! Hugs to you and Dexter.


  23. Euka: “I'm going with the hot pink polish to match my collar”
    Emma: “Oh, that's what I wanted.”


  24. I was thinking almost the same thing. The expressions say it all. I wonder how much of it her quiet sister can take. Plus, the chatterbox knows that the sister doesn't want to listen to all that yapping. Notice how she's dyeing her? She seems to be a bit of a practical joker.


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