Wordless Wednesday: Euka gets a helpful tip

A walk through our local grocery is a good socialization exercise for a puppy raiser and her charge. What with all the wafting aromas, large open spaces and wonky grocery carts, there’s plenty of opportunity for a young pup to observe, process through the noggin, and finally accept this sensory load as simply normal stuff of the world.

We’re waiting our turn in the checkout line when the fellow in front of us has received his change back from his purchase, slides out a buck and slips it into Euka’s cape pocket. 

Aww.  I tell him Thank You, he nods and walks off with his bag o’goods.

From the first time I walked a pup in training through the grocery, I’ve noticed you can pretty much tell the dog people from everyone else. Facial expressions belie feelings much of the time.

We do love those who appreciate dogs. But these folk that understand what dogs can do for other people, well, they get it.

And they’re my favorite kind of people.

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9 replies

  1. A Beautiful Kind Moment. Golden LOVE. Happy BlogPaws WW. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar


  2. they're our favorite kind of people too!



  3. Nice, very nice. Have a Wonderful Wednesday!


  4. Lovely, thx for sharing 😉


  5. You must have been behaving very well to get a tip! :0


  6. Beautiful pup,,nice story. Look at that face,,,how could any dog person not acknowledge Euka in some manner.


  7. Very sweet and so true.


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