Wordless Wednesday: Golden boy

Ah, lovely. A shot of our golden boy soaking up the rays. He does have a glow about him this wintery morn.

And something odd going on with his snooter, it seems.

Oh, Micron my love. You put your nose on crooked this morning.

But no matter, that should be an easy fix. A dog cookie should take care of it quite nicely, since that’s likely why the boop button is in overdrive trying to locate his I’m-wearing-your-stoopid-hat reward.

And speaking of the proper holiday spirit, we have a short clip of Micron wishing you Christmas greetings.

I’m ridiculously annoyed that I can’t take credit for this piece of art.  This was given to me by a co-worker, who just happens to be a high level manager. Have I ever mentioned how much I love my team at Eukanuba?


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7 replies

  1. Love the nose wrinkle. Micron looks adorable. It seems every time I try to take a pic of my 3 pups, someone or another has an itchy nose or a stray tongue.


  2. I thought Micron was trying to sniff out Santa…


  3. I love how Micron's golden fur just sparkles with the golden sun!
    *high paw*


  4. Ah yes, I am very familiar with the crooked nose look. Niles does that whenever there's a treat outside of a bag in this house! XD Happy WW!


  5. Wow nice words – and film ha ha ha…


  6. OMG – totally adorable! Great photo!

    Please check out our cool giveaway with WagAware – bling for dog rescue! We're #91!


  7. You are a golden ray of sunshine there friend!


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