Wordless Wednesday: Holly Berry

Holly Berry
Christmas ’14

I swear, Pinterest will be my undoing.

Last winter I come across a pin of a gorgeous golden retriever sporting a Christmas wreath. That is so fetch [heh], I thought. I can make that happen.

So I buzz right on out to pick up a decorated wreath from our local grocery superstore.

The results of this quest are below. Both the mighty Micron and Euka demonstrate how Christmas wreaths are not really one-size-fits-all.  I shoulda used a wreath with a bigger head hole.

Which was an awkward thing to ask for when wreath shopping this year. You’d think the guys at the Christmas tree farm would use Pinterest.

But I was able to score one. A wreath with a bigger head hole, that is.

And here’s our Miss Holly Berry to be my Pinterest rock star.

But what about the rest of the Hero Litter, you ask.  Ah, thanks for bringing that up, y’all. Canine Companions for Independence has posted a holiday update for these amazing pups. Click here for a Happy Holidays from the Hero Litter.

Christmas ’13

Christmas ’13

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2 replies

  1. Too cute! I can't imagine Monty holding still for that, and Harlow not eating it! BOL!

    Monty and Harlow


  2. Yep, these photo props come with challenges. So, turns out that a bigger head hole means that the wreath needs some help to stay in place. For a few minutes, I thought I'd have to just take some pictures of Holly with the wreath around her ankles. “Look, y'all! She's sitting inside a big-hole wreath! Ta da!”

    It worked out though. This shot shows Holly holding her breath, while I have one hand hovering outside the frame with a dog cookie. Move one whisker and the thing is around her ankles again.

    I should probably get a helper for these things.


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