Looking Ahead with the Hero Litter?

From the Canine Companions for Independence blog – an update on Miss Holly and her Hero litter mates.

Help is a Four-Legged Word™

It seems like just last month we were announcing the arrival of the Eukanuba Hero Litter to our supporters! We shared their newborn pics, their “H” names and what their collar colors signified.  What an exciting time that was for all of us.

So it’s hard to believe they only have a short time left with their volunteer puppy raisers. This November, they will return to Canine Companions for professional training and take one step closer to becoming life-changing assistance dogs.

Hero Litter Holly Holly

It’s during these next few months their puppy raisers will “proof” them. That is to say, they will make sure they have their commands perfected in any situation. Holly’s puppy raiser says, “We want to ensure she’s able to keep the distraction level low regardless of where we’re visiting. “

It’s also a special time for them to revisit favorite activities and create a few more memories.

Harpo Harpo


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