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Good grief, it shouldn’t have been such a big deal. And for most folk it probably wouldn’t be, but we had the derp factor on our side.

You see, I just wanted to switch the blog over to a WordPress platform. Simple, right? It turned into something akin to If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

If you give a chick a chance to upgrade to WordPress, she’ll want a new custom domain name. And when she gets the custom domain name, she’ll want a dedicated domain email to go with it.

And when she creates the domain email account, she’ll booger it so completely that she has to get a Google expert on IM who walks her through it all. Likely while drinking so as to deal with the trauma that is me.

But hey, so glad you found us over here on the new site. Especially because I have something fun for you. To rebuild our followers on the new Raising a Super Dog site, we’re giving out special limited-edition Holly trading cards.

Easy peasy in two steps. Follow us either by email subscription or as a WordPress follower (see the sidebar on the right), then pop an email to donna@rasuperdog.com with your mailing address*. And we’ll send you a custom trading card with Holly’s gorgeous over-the-shoulder beauty shot gracing the front of the thing.

More Holly adventures coming up!
*Your information will be kept private. In fact, I’ll delete your email once I hand address the envelope. That’s how we roll around here.

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  1. If you encounter any problems sending your into to the donna@rasuperdog.com address, drop me a note here to let me know.


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