Going all out Diva style

Have a nice day, honey. Make good choices!

I’m going to the grocery, I tell The Husband. Any special requests for dinner tonight?

I allow a moment of silence for deep thought. Naw, he says. Whatever you feel like.

Yes, the freedom of choice!  He has loosed the reins and  I can select whatever tickles my fancy, cuisine-wise. Not that I’m reined in or even need to be loosened, of course. It’s a figure of speech, you know. Or sarcasm. Or something like that.

No, that’s not my meatloaf, hahahaha. Um, wait a sec . . .

It’s also the courtesy dance that we do. I already know what tonight’s chow is gonna be. It’s Cook’s Choice, that’s what. But I’m willing to be flexible enough if the man has a hankering for something in particular. We’re still talking about dinner, by the way. Really, people.

Some life decisions come easy, right? Like evening meal plans. Meatloaf, the Sequel -or- Let’s Go Out?  And yet others take some quiet time to ponder. Accept that job offer in another state -or- Stay safe with what you know? Then we have the choices that fall somewhere in the middle. Do I really need to stop at this next exit -or- can I count on my bladder to not burst like a water balloon before I make it home?  Risky stuff, this decision making.  Aw c’mon, you say, sometimes it’s just meatloaf. Not everything is a life changing event. Oh sure, I pretty much agree. Except you’ve never had my meatloaf, have you?

What’s in this anyway? asks The Husband, poking at the quivering gray matter with his fork. Was it anyone we knew?

It’s half Meat. I say. And half loaf. Half ketchup, too.  A little mystery is good for keeping that spark in a relationship, they say.

Oh, but we know about the basics of good decision making, don’t we? Like how it’s a stellar idea to write a grocery list to help stick to a budget and to never go food shopping on an empty stomach, lest you end up with frozen yogurt and corn chips to balance out the week’s nutrition. Or the importance of refraining from posting an emotional monologue on Facebook while sipping upon a generous amount of adult beverage. Or writing blog posts, for that matter. Just sayin’.

So just like Cook’s Choice nights, I’m not the kind of girl that holds back in making undebated decisions. And I do tend to rely heavily on intuition, which includes a gut feeling of confidence that this is absolutely the right thing to be done. Yeah sure, some people would call that being impulsive. Foolish, even. And [sigh] they’d be right. Because it’s true that my intuition spends too much time painting her nails instead of honing street smarts. And by painting her nails, I mean surfing for funny dog videos on the web. Oh, and we know that the otherwise trustworthy gut feel is sometimes merely a dire rumbly in the tummy resulting from Cook’s Choice nights.

Here’s where you come in

There are some decisions better left to a community of minds, I think. Like this one, for instance. Miss Euka and I could use some style advice from y’all.

WooferWear Woven Gerber Daisies collar

Our Euka finds herself in need of some girly bling in the way of a new collar. The pet store brand collar I bought early on was indeed totally kick-butt with the pink skull & crossbones on a black background. Rather befitting of her Bring it On personality. But sadly, the design has worn off in a very short time.  A disappointing display of shoddy workmanship by this particular outsourced manufacturer, it seems.

I’ve decided to go all out on quality this time around. And still keeping with a kicky style too. Sure it can be done. And here’s how. Fellow CCI puppy raiser, Nancee Wright, sells her handmade dog collars on her Etsy site at WooferWear.  I know this is a good decision this time as purchasing from Etsy vendors supports artisans, small businesses, and as a bonus here at WooferWear, Canine Companions for Independence benefits as well.  Nancee donates a percentage of her sales to CCI.  Ok, it’s time to trust that gut feeling.

Colorful Blooms
WooferWear Colorful Blooms collar

The mighty Micron already sports a WooferWear collar in the Celtic Knot design. A couple of photos of the blindingly handsome male model Micron are out on the Dog Bling post from last year.

So help us out, will you?

Take a peek out at the hundred plus designs available at WooferWear and let us know what you think fits Euka’s style.

Is it daisies or a woodland animals?  Folk artsy or a southwestern flair?  Ooh, maybe the aptly named Houndstooth pattern?

I pulled a couple of examples from WooferWear’s Etsy site here for you, but these are pretty much random screen shots. Don’t let these sway you. Go with your gut feel, y’all.

Spirograph in Turquoise
WooferWear Spirograph in Turquoise collar

Drop us a comment with your fashion choice for our diva, Miss Euka.  And hey, if you’re a fellow dog blogger, be sure to put a link to your website as well so other folk can see where you’re from.

I’ll announce the popular choice taken from the comments left on this blog page, as well as the Raising a Super Dog Facebook page, on April 21.

And you know, if anything catches your eye leaving you pondering just how you made it this far in life without this exact collar for your dog, well, tell Nancee that Euka sent ya.

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14 replies

  1. Blue trees, forest friends or peace signs.


  2. From Ashley. Not anonymous.


  3. Folklore Flowers in Teal…..very sophisticated yet feminine………

    Jim Fuller


  4. Hoot Owls Hooting or Darling Dahlias – the colors will go nicely with her CCI cape, and the patterns are adorable!


  5. Safari in Tan!!!


  6. I love the Darling Dahlias!


  7. Peace Out or Hoot Owls


  8. Hoot Owls, Peace Out, Darling Dahlias are all cute.
    But then again, I'm so indecisive about my dog's collar, he's still wearing the blue CCI one I bought in Team Training a few months ago! So many options…


  9. I'm a hippie chick from way back when, so of course I love Peace Out. And I do love me some Disney, so I also need to suggest Minnie Mouse in Spring for your sweet girly-girl. Oh my, WooferWear is making this hard! Although we have our own little CCI Diva living with our family and she'd be perfectly happy with a new collar for each day of the week. I better get shopping!



  10. oh, and if you want to read about our adventures as a new CCI grad team, my blog is http://www.stillicantbesilent.com & Cassius's is facebook.com/cassiusthecciservicedog


  11. I myself am digging the Nemo one.

    Ok so maybe that one isn't girly enough, how about the galloping ponies?
    What? Still not girly enough? How about the ballet slippers?

    It's too girly and I'm supposed to be looking for what you'd like not what I'd like? Wow Euka, you're a tough one to please.

    Ok then how about the colorful blooms?

    Good luck little Diva in picking out your new piece of fashion!


  12. Euka needs a delicate and girly collar. My vote, because spring will be here (one day!) is the beautiful “Colorful Blooms” you feature in the post above. My second vote is for “Dots and Bubbles”. Can't wait to see what your fashion diva followers choose!


  13. Being a little quirky, “Elephants on Parade” jumped out to me, followed by the Pink “Hoot Owls”, with “Peace Out” in third place. No matter what the choice is, Euka will rock it out in style!!


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