Wordless Wednesday: Easy on the eyes

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Headshots of littermates Ella and Euka at six months old.  These girls share personality traits and fight like sisters during their play dates. And yet, they differ in body structure. 

Euka remains the petite beauty of the Ohio Four. Ella, Everett and Emma all sport a more robust build than our little girl.  But all are, of course, gorgeous pups.  They can’t help it, you know; they were born with it.

Can you see the difference here in the faces of these two girls? Ella has the broader head and snooter, while Euka is composed of more delicate features.

We know good looks really aren’t important in their preparations to be service dogs for Canine Companions for Independence.  Being easy on the eyes is just a life bonus for these two.

Wilbur, the bull terrier from obedience class would agree with this.  He trills a love warble for Ella like a love struck teenager.  [sigh] Another star-crossed romance, the poor guy.


Be sure to check out our dog blog post on Going all out Diva style to help us choose some bling for our lovely girl.  Euka has been around me long enough to know not to trust my fashion sense. She’s counting on you for this one.

We’re tallying up the suggestions and will announce the popular choice on April 21, 2013.

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16 replies

  1. Beautiful eyes! Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  2. Woof! Woof! I see the difference … both have precious features. Happy BlogPAWs Wordless Wednesday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar


  3. Euka looks very much like Toby but with much lighter fur. They are beautiful puppies. Ella has a sweet expression, like she's hoping for something yummy!


  4. Thanks for the photos, Donna. Wish the other PR's of the “E” litter would post photos, too. They are all precious, but Euka has stollen my heart since day one! Melody & Hunter


  5. Definitely can tell the difference between the two. Good luck with the work required for Canine Companions for Independence!


  6. They are both easy on the eye!


  7. There are little differences between Ella and Euka but they both looked lovely.



  8. Being easy on the eye can be dangerous when out in public. It's why I no longer leave the house.


  9. I do love those rootbeer brown eyes. Happy WW to you, Venus.


  10. Sugar, our sweet friend, we wish you a Happy BlogPaws WW to you as well.


  11. Yep, I see the similarity between Euka and Toby, too. And you're on the mark with Ella's look of anticipation. Taking photos of these furries is a little like clicker training. The camera clicks, they get a Good Dog treat.


  12. Hi Melody! Euka is a special girl, isn't she? I feel so fortunate to be the one raising her. For every challenge she presents, I get more in rewards from her.

    Keep an eye on the CCI blog at http://blog.cci.org for updates on the E litter. There should be more photos of the E pups coming up soon, I think.


  13. Thanks, Marcie. I do love this volunteer gig with CCI. Happy WW to you and all at PawsItOn.wordpress.com!


  14. Gorgeous girls, these two littermates, I do have to agree. But I do have a special place in my heart for coonhounds, too. A Happy WW to you all.


  15. Hi Jim, a Happy WW to you. I think when we get these littermates side by side it's a little easier to see the difference in structure. We just had a visit from littermate Emma this evening and wow, there's actually a ten pound range between Euka and Emma. But yeah, both are very pretty girls.


  16. Ah, the price of being a beauty. Take care, our friend.


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