The Hero Litter Meet and Greet

Celebrity sightings with the Hero Litter and other training updates from the Canine Companions for Independence blog.

Help is a Four-Legged Word™

Who’s been lucky enough to meet and hang out with the Hero Litter? We are so proud to say, that there have been many, many lucky fans who’ve been able to spend time with this great litter of pups and help them on their journey to becoming life-changing assistance dogs. Because each event broadens the dogs’ exposure, it’s also increasing the likelihood of their success.

Whether it’s living with several other “hounds,” rubbing elbows with celebrities in Hollywood (we like to call it Howl-lywood), or visiting the local school, these pups have had so many opportunities to grow over the last year and a half.

Holly and her Crew – Holly lives and gets to spend time with three other dogs. They help challenge her to stay focused and avoid distractions when working on her commands. They are also great fun for her to play with!

0815_Holly Holly and pals


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