Watch Holly Grow Slide Show

Favorite toy of the month: Food Lady's hair scrunchie

Favorite toy of the month: Food Lady’s hair scrunchie

It was as I was setting up the shot for Holly’s monthly photo that I did a quick finger count on how many more of these we’ll be doing.

Quick is right word. This is August, so we have September…October… and that’s it. Holly will matriculate into the Canine Companions for Independence Advanced Training program before her twenty month birthday.

Two more months.

She’s not my dog, I remind myself. Holly has a destiny that I’m merely prepping her for. Someone needs her more than I do. These are the words of a volunteer puppy raiser.


My heart beats a little faster with the anxiety of knowing that our time together is nearly over. So let’s do this instead, shall we? Let’s celebrate by enjoying a slide show of a growing beauty. Here is the beautiful creature that is Holly VII from eleven weeks old to seventeen months.

We present to you … Watch Holly Grow.

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  1. Oh this makes me miss puppy raising so much. :((


    • That sums up puppy raising doesn’t it? The toughest job you’ll ever love. And by job, of course I mean volunteer work. The times I found myself in-between puppies seemed to last longer than it really was. I Sending you a virtual puppy hug.


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